Union Bank of Nigeria Aptitude Test

By | June 24, 2017

Union Bank of Nigeria Aptitude Test

The unpleasant feeling passed and she glanced guardedly up at him. He was walking unmarked in moonlight, innocent of her reaction to him. She felt then – this thought had come to her before – that there· might be more to him than she had imagined. She felt ashamed she had ever thanked him for the help he had given her father.

1. She glanced at him when

(a) He walked alone and unnoticed in moonlight

(b) She was sure that she was not being noticed

(c). Her reactions did not have any effect on him

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(d) The unpleasant feeling passed

2. Her unpleasant feeling passed when

(a) He did not take any notice of her

(b) The moonlight was beautiful

(c) She realized her sense of shame

(d) She looked carefully at him

3. She was ashamed because

(a) She was spying on him

(b) There was more to him than she had imagined

(c) A recurring thought came back to her

(d) She had never thanked him for his help to her father

4. P is 30% more efficient than Q. P can complete a work in 23 days. If P and Q work together, how much time will it take to complete the same work

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A. 9

B. 11

C. 13

D. 15

5. If A = x% of y and B = y% of x, then which of the following is true

A. A is smaller than B

B. Relationship between A and B cannot be determined

C. If x is smaller than y, then A is greater than B

D. A is greater than B