Top Classifieds Ads Websites In Nigeria

By | May 16, 2018

Top Classifieds Ads Websites In Nigeria

Here are the top sites in Nigeria to buy or sell anything whether new or old, from houses, cars, mobile phones, clothes and jewelries. The list is almost endless and as long as there is someone in need of that item, you are likely to make some cool cash out of it from these sites.

Advertise your item in the top 5 listed free classifieds sites below and you will have a buyer for it as fast as you can imagine.


This is the number one classified ads site in Nigeria by a huge distance. By advertising on television and radio stations, has the most number of ads and number of users thereby making it a heaven for fraudsters to dupe people off their hard earned money.

Although buyers are duly warned not to send money for an item yet to be seen, people still fall for the cheap antics by the fraudsters.

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Just like OLX, is another well known free classified ads site and has been around for a while. On the home page a buyer or seller has the privilege of choosing the state where he wants to buy or sell the item thereby making it easy for one to find a good deal around his location.


Another awesome site quickly gaining popularity, is one classified site that is quite easy to understand. With its colorful home page almost anyone can easily advertise or find an item to buy commanding thousands of visitors to the website every day.

4. MOBOFREE.COM has been around for a while too and is also another good classified ads site with thousands of products already listed in the site. It also commands a huge amount of traffic from potential buyers and sellers.

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Still in its infantry, is gradually winning potential buyers and sellers to its website. It has the classified ads section and business section where businesses can advertise its services as well. This is one to watch out for as they are also advertising the site through billboards in Nigeria.

Other Sites to consider are: (Cars only)

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