Nigerian Police Force Secretary

By | March 20, 2018

Nigerian Police Force Secretary

Force Secretary

AIG ABDUL BUBE is currently in charge of this section, The Force Secretary shall be directly responsible to the Inspector General of Police and his duties will be as follows:

(i) The general supervision and co-ordination of the activities and the drawing up of policy matters for the force.

(ii) Appointment to senior police officer rank in the force;

(iii) Promotion of senior police officers;

(iv) Posting and deployment of senior police officers;

(v) Discipline of senior police officers

(vi) Processing of matters of retirements and certificate of service of senior police officers;

(vii) Custody of personal records and files of senior police officers;

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(viii) Implementation of policies and decisions of police council meetings as directed by Inspector General of Police;

(ix) Liaison with police Affairs Department on department on matters affecting senior police officers;

(x) Career planning for senior police officers;

(xi) Liason with Police Service Commision on matters of senior police officers;

(xii) General inter-ministerial matters affecting senior police officers;

(xiii) Approval of leave of senior police officers in the office of the Force Secretary; and

(xiv) Any other assignment assigned to him by the Inspector General of Police.

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