Nigerian Police Department of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

By | March 20, 2018

Nigerian Police Department of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

As it is known globally technology plays significant role in modern law enforcement to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the agencies. Thus, it is imperative for modern law enforcement agency to have the capability to manage electronic databases and communication systems as global crime has become more sophisticated.
The department is headed by DIG FOLUSO A. ADEBANJO, mni

•  Force Communication;
•  INFOTECH Section from ‘F’ Department;
•  Police Computer College, Abeokuta, ‘F’ Department;
•  Communications Training Schools in Kaduna & Ikeja;
•  Police Biometric Central Motor Registry (BCMR) from ‘B’ Department
•  Automatic Fingerprint Identification System  from  ‘D’ Department
•  Tracking & Intercepting Device Unit from ‘D’ Department
•  To develop an ICT Policy for the Nigeria Police Force in line with National ICT Policies such  policies on procurement, use and maintenance of ICT equipment
•  To develop and empower the Nigeria Police personnel with ICT skills for  operation efficiency and improved service delivery
•  To provide tools that will help accomplish efficient modern policing.
•  To introduce ICT innovative solutions centered on strategic policing that will facilitate public participation in the policing
•  To develop technological driven Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) program, that is designed within the context of police-community-partnership for efficient and effective law enforcement
•  To provide and maintain a system for data collection, input analysis and necessary output
•  To provide and maintain security for all levels of access and privilege to information systems and technology in all Police formation
•  To ensure that Nigeria Police acquire the best ICT equipment that complies with global law enforcement standards
•  To evolve law enforcement technological solutions that will set pace for other security agencies globally
•  To periodically conduct ICT related need assessment and advise the Force accordingly
•  Provision of universal platform for Information Communication Technology (ICT) for the force
•  Assessing Information Communications Technology needs of end users/field officers (System Analysis);
•  Management and administration of Nigeria Police electronic information systems/databases/servers;
•  Deployment  and Maintenance of Local area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) both Intranet and Internet connectivity(cable, wireless radio, satellite and optic fibre technologies) in all Police Formations nationwide;
•  To assess and recommend bandwidth requirements for the Force,  and efficiently administer its usage;
•  To develop and maintain  effective personnel record with the use of ICT;
•  Maintenance and repairs of Nigeria Police  information /communications equipment;
•  Ensuring the integrity, security and Management of Police through the use of ICT;
•  Liaise closely with service providers/equipment  vendors for proper and effective implementation of ICT related project ;
•  To manage and maintain the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System for the Force;
•  To manage and maintain the tracking and interception system for the Police
•  Field support to end-users (Patrol officers, administrators, strike force etc)
•  Troubleshooting;
•  Creates and manages Help-Desk for ICT related matters within the Force;
•  To  ensure adequate representation of the Force in any ICT related forum  locally and internationally;
•  To manage the Nigeria Police ICT institutions within the country;
•  To organize and coordinate ICT related skill acquisition programmes for the Force;

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