Nigerian Army Salary Per Month

By | December 16, 2017

Nigerian Army Salary Per Month

Thousands of Nigerians visit the website of the Nigerian Army with the intention of enrolling in the Army.

And one question, these prospects often ask prior to taking this decision is how much does the Nigerian Army pay its officers and soldiers?

In this post, you’ll discover how much the Nigerian Army pays their staff. But before we proceed into the nitty-gritty of that, let’s take a look at what the Nigerian Army is all about.


Nigerian Army salaries per month

Below is the full list of the Nigerian Army Ranks and their monthly pay package:

Private Soldier               N49, 000
Lance Corporal              N55, 000
Corporal                     N58, 000
Sergeant                     N63, 000
Staff Sergeant                N68, 000
Warrant Officer               N80, 000
Master Warrant Officer        N90, 000

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Second Lieutenant            N120,000
Lieutenant                    N180,000
Captain                      N220,000
Major                        N300,000
Lieutenant Colonel            N350,000
Colonel                       N550,000
Brigadier General              N750,000
Major General                 N950,000
Lieutenant General             N1,000,000
General                       N1,500,000

More on the Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army is reputed to be the largest part of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF). The NA is responsible for land warfare.The army is currnetly governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC).