Nigeria Current Affairs Questions And Answers For Fun, Jobs & Scholarships

By | October 2, 2017

Nigeria Current Affairs Questions And Answers For Fun, Jobs & Scholarships

If you have ever imagined how to practice free current affair past questions and answers for fun, job interviews, scholarship examinations or politics aptitude test, this article is for you.

This page contains Nigeria and general current affairs questions and answers up to 2017. Happy reading….



1 Who was the first woman to be a pilot?      Answers: Mrs. Chinyere Onyemucheya.

2. Who was the first woman to drive a car? Answers:   Mrs. Olufunmiloyo Ramsome Kuti

3.  Who was the first woman to be a Judge in Nigeria? Answers:   Mrs. Rosemary Ukeje

4. Who was the first Nigerian to speak a foreign language? Answers:   Obi Esigie of Benin.

5. Who is the youngest Governor to rule in Nigeria Answers:   Chukwuebuka is the youngest Governor to rule in Nigeria. He ruled at the age of 16 in Lagos State after wining the competition set by the Governor’s wife in Lagos State students on the 6th June 2001.

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6. Who was the youngest Judge in the whole world? Answers:   John Payton.

7. What is  the name of the oldest bride in the world? Answers: Minnie Munro. She married at the age of 102 in point Clare, NSW, Australia.

8. What is the name of the oldest groom in the world? Answers: Harry Stevens. He married 81-year-old Thelma Lucas at the Caravilla retirement Home at the age of 103.