List Of Top Ten (10) Items Nigeria Exports and Imports

List Of Top Ten (10) Items Nigeria Exports and Imports

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Here is a list of the top items that makes up Nigeria’s Import and Export List

2015 Exports Second  Quarter
Ranking Products  Value (₦)
1st Petro.oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude   2,121,410,080,892.00
2nd Natural gas, liquefied      260,699,763,637.00
3rd Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons, liquefied, nes         66,441,376,215.00
4th Propane, liquefied         43,879,454,959.10
5th Sesame seeds         21,781,746,959.00
6th Partially refined oil including crude oil having undergone primary refinement         13,577,043,000.00
7th Cashew nuts, in shell,fresh or dried           8,759,822,113.00
8th Butanes, liquefied           6,149,397,796.00
9th Leather further prepared after tanning or… of goats or kids           4,929,737,824.00
10th Cigarettes containing tobacco           4,886,734,105.00
11th Urea           4,030,992,527.00
12th Frozen shrimps and prawns           3,474,216,454.00
13th Aluminium alloys, unwrought           2,982,760,465.00
14th Cocoa paste, wholly or partly defatted           2,967,008,529.00
15th Broken cocoa beans           2,844,108,503.00
2015 Imports Second  Quarter
Ranking Products  Value (₦)
1st Motor Spirit Ordinary      140,521,551,306.00
2nd Spelt, common wheat and meslin         42,489,526,639.00
3rd Machine-tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, etc         27,761,095,339.00
4th Imported motorcycles and cycles,imported CKD by estab manuf >50cc<=250cc         26,365,422,203.00
5th Semi-milled or wholly milled rice >5kg or bulk (investors with rice milling capability)         25,377,257,508.00
6th Raw cane sugar, in solid form         25,123,246,631.00
7th Durum wheat         19,336,983,814.00
8th Herbicides, ant-sprouting products and plant- growth regulators         17,016,192,296.00
9th Unused postage, revenue or similar stamps of current or new issue in the country         14,943,187,607.00
10th Frozen cod (excl. livers and roes)         13,134,452,981.00
11th Mixtures of odoriferous substances Of a kind used in the food or drink industries         13,080,112,460.00
12th Other crude palm oil         11,226,284,960.00
13th Milk&cream in powder>1.5%fat not contain sweeteningmatter specially made f         11,042,456,419.00
14th Frozen mackerel         10,864,448,307.00
15th Reaction initiators, accelerators and catalytic preparations, nes         10,701,610,135.00


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