List Of Top 5 Largest States in Nigeria by Land mass

By | April 24, 2017

List Of Top 5 Largest States in Nigeria by Land mass

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Top 5 Largest Nigerian States by Land mass
This is a comprehensive list of the 5 largest states in Nigeria by Land mass. In Nigeria today, the country is
divided into 6 geopolitical zones, which are North East, North West, North Central, South East, South West
and South South geopolitical zones, these geopolitical zones are further divided into 36 states which make
up the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Be informed that the largest states in Nigeria by Land mass are all located in northern Nigeria where the
dominant people and culture there are the Hausa­Fulani people.
That noted, we will proceed to list the five states in Nigeria with the largest land mass below.

1. Niger State
Niger State is the largest state by Land mass in Nigeria. It was created in 1976 when the old North­Western
State was split into Niger State and Sokoto State respectively. Niger state is named after the River Niger
and it is home to Nigeria’s two most popular hydroelectric power Dams namely Kainji Dam, and the Shiroro

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2. Borno State
The second largest state in Nigeria by Land mass is Borno state. Borno state is massive, almost as big as
Niger state. Borno state was created in 1976 and in 1991, Yobe state was carved out of it. Borno state
covers 92,893 square kilometres of land.
3. Taraba State
Taraba state was created in 1991 from the old Gongola state. While it is not as massive as the first two
states on this list, it is still larger than most states in Nigeria and that is why it is third on this list behind only
Niger and Borno states. Taraba state covers 54,473 square kilometres in land mass.

4. Kaduna State
Fourth on the list of the largest states in Nigeria is Kaduna state. Kaduna state isn’t as enormous as Taraba
but it comes close. It is as big as 46,053 square kilometres.
Kaduna has a rich history.
Kaduna dates back to the start of British colonial rule in northern Nigeria where people who live in the area
were called ‘Northern Nigerians.’ In 1967, these people were said to be living in the ‘North Central State.’
This status quo was maintained until 1975 when the former ‘Kaduna State’ was created by the then military
leader, Gen. Murtala Mohammed.
The current Kaduna state is the successor of the old Northern Region of Nigeria, which had its capital at
Kaduna which is now the home of over 6.3 million people.
Kaduna has been further divided on numerous occasions to create states like Katsina and others. It houses
close to 63 different ethnic groups.
5. Bauchi State
Bauchi state completes this list and it is the fifth largest state in Nigeria by land mass. It covers 45,837
square kilometres.
Bauchi state was formed in 1976 when the former North­Eastern State was broken up by authorities. In
1996, it was further broken down and Gombe state was formed.