LIst Of Top 10 Nigerian Online Forums.

By | April 25, 2017

LIst Of Top 10 Nigerian Online Forums.

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With the continuous increase in the number of internet users in Nigeria, one must wonder what keeps people online. A single Nigerian, spends an average of 4 hours a day surfing the net, either carrying out research, chatting with friends online, downloading videos or music or even shopping online.

However, various online forums have begun to spring up in Nigeria, to meet the over stretched demand of online users surfing the net on a daily bases; although, these online forums are a means of generating income from companies who advertise their goods and services on them. A popular forum, is a forum with good contents and these contents equally bring visitors and this visitors will bring investors, so the higher the visitors, the higher the patronage of the forum.

These forums come in form of blogs, while larger ones, use websites to offer their services, they are built to meet the trend and taste of the typical online users from Nigerian. Below is a list of  Top 10 Nigerian Online Forums, although not an all-inclusive list but, a list of good forums.

Naira Land – This forum tops others on my list because, it avails Nigerians the opportunity of placing topics of their choice, be it on entertainment, politics, infotech, education, sports and general info. Users get the chance of discussing on each topic, it has over 60,000 registered users and records over 90,000 visitors daily, uses a search engine optimizer that makes it easy for researchers to locate information on Nairaland, when using  the Google search engine, little wonder why it has become the hot bed for political adverts recently. It is very easy to use and mobile friendly. The website is –

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Naija Loaded – This is another good forum, though users are not allowed to place topics of their choice but that does not take the excitement out of it, as topics placed by the administrators of the site, are very good and informative. It is also the best site for downloading Nigerian songs, be it video or audio and boasts of a very large number of visitors daily. It is another hot bed for advertising goods and services, it is mobile friendly and easy to use. The website is –

Naija Pal – is Nigeria’s own very Facebook. Users get the chance of meeting new friends online and also offers chatting services. It has a large number of following both home and abroad and topics are posted, which users and visitors can comment or discuss on. The website is easy to use but, quite heavy on mobile view. The website is –

Naija Hot Jobs – this remains one of the best sites for discussing job opportunities in Nigeria. Its forum offers visitors and registered users the opportunity to discuss and comment on job adverts placed by the admin, searching for jobs according to specialty and qualification and also users can place job adverts themselves, to benefit other users. It has an easy to use platform and be compared to Nairaland, in terms of compatibility with mobile devices. The website is –

Naij– Like the name sounds, is a Nigerian forum that focuses on happenings around the country. It provides users the opportunity of being up to date with political news, entertainment news and general news. It has a native application embedded in UC browser for android phones, it also offers users download opportunities and very mobile friendly. The site is –

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Early Face – This is another good forum in Nigeria, though it is quite new but gradually becoming popular to internet users these days. It offers general news and users are able to discuss on topics of their choice. It is easy to use and mobile friendly. The website is –

Forum Citizens – If you are looking for a site to air your view, this is another good one. Forum citizens offers same services like the aforementioned forums and also easy to use. The website is –

All For Naija – everything Nigerian like the name implies, is a general information site, where visitors and registered members can discuss in forums and topics placed by its admin. The site is –

All In Naija – One of the fasted growing forums in Nigeria. Has an easy to use platform and offers a wide range of topics and news for visitors. The site is constantly being updated, so you are always sure of getting the latest updates as far as Nigeria is concerned. It also give room for bloggers, to write on any topics of their choice, using their platform. It is also easy to use and has a mobile friendly website. The website is –

Information Daily – this website is not all about daily news, as many would miss the entertainment it offers, judging from its name. Users can comment and write on virtually anything on this site. It is mobile friendly and easy to use. The website is –