List Of five (5) Nigerian national symbol

List Of five (5) Nigerian national symbol

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Nigeria is a great nation which has much to be proud of including its national symbols and the history of their development.

 Every country has its traditions and culture. They are always accompanied by particular signs and things. Nigeria is not an exception. There are at least 5 Nigerian national symbols that make people proud.

Nigerian national symbols

Such symbols are usually connected to history of the country and its heritage. Their main purpose is to remind of past events, which were key ones for a certain country. Sometimes they have nothing to deal with the history itself, but they carry a kind of meaning, symbolize something (such as freedom, unity, independence, and other things like that).

Concept of Nigerian national symbols

What we first need is to understand the term. National symbol is considered a symbol of any entity manifesting itself to the world as a national community. Any kind of state can have it, never mind whether it’s independent or not. The list includes:

  • sovereign states,states of nigeria
  • colonized nations and countries,
  • (con)federal integrations,
  • ethno-cultural community with no political autonomy (such as, for instance, tribes).

Symbols express a particular national idea. It can be showed by means of colors, forms, and even materials. They also include visual, verbal, and iconic representations of national people, their values, aims, or history. They might be applied for both positive and negative aims – either for development of patriotism or creation of nationalistic thinking. Various separation movements often make use of them as well. It helps to create special mood and views.

There is usually a set of symbols, which is typical for any country. For example, 5 Nigerian national symbols include flag, anthem, pledge, coat of arms, and flower.

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