Italian Visa Application in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

By | June 4, 2018

Italian Visa Application in Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

It is important to know and understand how to apply for an Italian Visa from Nigeria. The first thing you have to know that Italy is one of the Schengen states and follow the Schengen visa application rules which include the following:

  • If Italy is your main and only destination, you should apply for your Visa at the Italian Consulate in Lagos. However, if you intend to visit more than one country which is also a Schengen country, you have to apply at the Embassy of the Country where you intend to spend the most time, or at the embassy of the country which you intend to visit first.
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Categories of Italian Visa

There are different types of Italian Visas and knowing the appropriate one to apply for would depend on your reason for visit and your intended period of stay.

If you want to apply for visas that fall into the short term category, you can do that at the VFS Visa Application Center but if you are applying for a long term  visa, you can only do that at the Italian consulate 1T 12, Walter Carrington Crescent, VI Lagos.

Types of Visas

Short Term Visas

The following visas fall under the short term visa categories: