Cross River State Infrastructure Company

By | February 10, 2018

Cross River State Infrastructure Company

Our Mandate

This project is the brain child of the Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, our aim is to make sure the project sees the light of day. The objective is to provide a connected and smart platform to support capacity building, revenue generation, employment, a green economy and improved quality of life for all citizens. Smart Cities should be regarded as systems of people interacting with and using flows of energy, materials, services and financing to catalyst sustainable economic development, resilience, and high quality of life; these flows and interactions become smart through making strategic use of information and communication infrastructure and services in a process of transparent urban planning and management that is responsive to the social and economic needs of society.

Smart Traffic System

A city that spends a lot of time being caught up on the traffic would be less productive. At the moment the traffic situation in Calabar is not yet that bad but by the time we implement the smart city the population might increase with up to 30% because, the city will become the only city in Nigeria that everything works. This now raises another question, making sure that the infrastructure are modern and adaptable to cope with this new pressure. Traffic light forms an important part of this mix.

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Research Development & Intenship Program

The key to sustain Innovation is to stay innovative, R&D shall form an important part of our operations. We have identified areas that would receive a lot of attention, where significant budget shall be allocated. We will be doing some very intensive resaerch on the consumer IOTs, Machine to Machine automation and we are also working on a collaboration with a UK Company to develop the 1st 10Gbps access point in the world for the rapid roll of superfast fixed wireless access point.

We have two professors in Telecoms in the UK and the US who have agreed in principle to work with us and also provide mentorship program to interns who shall come to the smart city for work experience.

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