Alliance Of Social Democrats ASD About Us

By | September 5, 2018

Alliance Of Social Democrats ASD About Us

The Alliance of Social Democrats (ASD) is a political organization committed to the ideals of Social Democracy, which promotes private enterprise with the support of public sector through the provision of critical and social public infrastructure.

The ASD is a party is unequivocally and irreversibly committed to giving to Nigerians, a leadership and  governance structure that would guarantee the security of  the lives and properties of all Nigerians, through the establishment of state of the art real time and inter-operable national security infrastructure.

We also guarantee a governance structure that would utilize every available resource to create jobs and build Social Cohesion amongst the contending federating units in Nigeria

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The Alliance of Social Democrats guarantees Nigerians, a motherland that is free from;

  1. Violent conflicts and war, social unrests that are fueled by tribal, social and religious affiliations
  2. Poverty, strive, hunger and promote equal access to social services and  rights of citizenry , and,
  3. That is  populated by  an educated society with empirical zero tolerance for poverty, impunity and nepotism, and
  4. A country where security of lives and property are paramount and a society where all citizens irrespective of class or creed are all equal before the law.

Above all the ASD guarantees Nigerians a socially, politically and economically Restructured and industrialized country where all efforts would be directed at building the human capital and local technology base of the country, through confronting the challenges inhibiting inclusive governance and the factors militating against the development of the steel production and consumption capacities of the country.

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