African Action Congress (AAC) About

By | August 31, 2018

African Action Congress (AAC) About

About Take It Back Movement

For almost sixty years, Nigerians have looked on in frustration as a succession of leaders have emerged on the national stage that have failed to create an environment in which the aspirations for collective and individual growth and progress can be realized.

These visionless leaders continue to emerge because of a political system that is built on a framework of patronage, that elevates personal loyalties, nepotism, tribalism and religious bigotry above all else. Our nation has now become a place where it is not the content of a person’s character, their capabilities or their qualifications that determines the heights to which they can rise, but who they know, what name they bear, what part of the country they come from or who they claim as their godfathers or godmothers.

Take It Back movement believes in the following tenets:

1 That Nigeria is a great nation, blessed with an energetic, creative and intelligent people, as well as with extensive and bountiful natural resources
2 That Nigeria’s religious and ethnic diversity is a source of strength and not a basis for disunity
3 That the Nigerian nation has remained stagnant because of the poor quality of leaders that have ruled the nation at all levels
4 That the rampant corruption that has come to dominate Nigeria’s political space is the result of a political process that is disconnected from the Nigerian people, and a view of leadership that is not about service, but about self aggrandizement
5 That Nigeria’s people have all that it takes to reclaim their nation from the looters that have held our collective national destiny of greatness in check for almost 6 decades.
6 That Nigerians everywhere – regardless of their age, gender, creed, tribe, class or religious affiliation – can realize their full potential without the aid of godfathers and godmothers.
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The TakeitBackers

The Take It Back movement will be a vehicle for the positive transformation of Nigeria into a nation where meritocracy reigns; where no limits are forced on anyone regardless of their tribe, tongue or creed; where citizens are free to travel, to seek solace and habitation in any part of the nation.

Take It Back is above all a political movement that aims at mobilizing the citizenry to take the reins of political power and institute a people oriented and progressive government at all levels.