10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria That You MUST Visit

By | May 16, 2018

10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria That You MUST Visit

Nigeria is blessed with scores of tourist attractions.  Out of the lot, 10 actually stand out as must-visit.  They are:

For tourists the attraction offered by Lake Chad is in boating, birdwatching, fishing villages and aquatic animals like hippopotamus, crocodile and clawless otter.


1. Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari is a reserve of a large collection of animals and plants in their natural habitat.  Within the reserve are situated over 59 caves, and d system of 130 wells with interconnecting shafts used by slaves during the trans-atlantic slave trade era, the story of these slaves is well documented and as some were sent as far as Hawaii, their stories are available online at https://www.liveyouraloha.com/oahu-tours/things-to-do-in-oahu/. There is also a warm spring with sparkling clear water at 31 degrees celcius available for swimming and iron smelting works with furnace which are centuries old.

Yankari Game Reserve is located in Bauchi State in northern Nigeria.

2. Tinapa Business Resort

Tinapa is the result of a conscious effort by the Cross River State Government of Nigeria to create a resort for business and leisure on the natural scenery by the Calabar River.   The business-with-leisure picture is complete with the near-by Calabar Free trade Zone.

At Tinapa, visitors get to experience the excitement provided by the scenery along with the entertainment offered by a movie production studio, casino, cinema, amphitheater, pubs and children arcade.

3. Obudu Mountain Resort

On a plateau 1576 meters above the sea level and offering stunning scenery is the Obudu Mountain resort.  The scenery along with its temperate climate and serenity, offer the perfect location for adventures, holidays and meditations.

To compliment the environment, the Obudu Mountain Resort provides the tourist with food and beverage from the Terrace Restaurant and Bar, log fire, golf course and accommodation in African round huts and chalets.

Obudu is in Cross River State of Nigeria.

4. Ikogosi Warm and Cold Spring

The wonder at Ikogosi Ekiti, reputed to be the only one of its kind in the world, is the side-by-side presence and fusion of a warm spring and a cold spring.  This is sure a marvel to experience.  To complement the wonder is a fine topography and rich green scenery.  A resort has been built around the warm and cold spring to provide comfort, relaxation, accommodation and conferencing facilities tourists.

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Ikogosi-Ekiti is in Ekiti State in the south western part of Nigeria.

5. Idanre Hills

The Idanre Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a breath-taking assortment of hills with a number of tourist interests.  On the hill is an abandoned city with hither-to dwelt in houses, an ancient palace and shrine, all left intact on top of the hills.

A climb through the 640 steps with 5 resting places up to the top of the hills is rewarded with a first-hand view of settings on the hill and the Arun River and a clear stream which is claimed to give a strange feeling to people who swim in it.  The top of the hills also presents a panoramic view of the Idanre town which is at the foot of the hills.

Idanre is in Ondo State of Nigeria.

6. Mambilla Plateau

Standing at about 1,830 meters above sea level, the Mambilla Plateau is blessed with lush green pasture and a temperate climate.  Plants like apple, pears, Arabica coffee, strawberries, tea and irish potatoes that are generally exotic to Nigeria grow well on the Mambilla Plateau.  The drive through the winding up-hill road (bordered by cliffs) that provides access to the Mambilla Plateau is a highly stimulating experience.  The plateau environment is devoid of mosquitoes and tse tse flies.

The Mambilla Plateau is in Taraba State of Nigeria.

7. Lake Chad

Lake Chad is the largest natural lake in Nigeria.  The lake is of immense economic importance as it serves the agricultural needs of Borno State in Nigeria as well as those of the neighbouring nations of Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

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Lokoja the town at which the confluence is formed is in Kogi State of Nigeria.

8. Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue

Rivers Niger and Benue, the two largest in West Africa, are major landmarks in Nigeria.  The two rivers have been of profound interest to early European explorers.  The confluence formed by these two rivers at Lokoja presents scholars of geography and nature enthusiasts with a major example of the phenomenon of a confluence.  Tourists will also be interested in fishing activities that take place on the rivers (gear provided by https://www.nitehawk.net/best-9-fishing-waders/).  Ferry and boat services are available.

9. Badagry Town

Badagry is notable for a live presence of relics that can make one have a feel of the slave trade.  Guns, chains and locks used on the slaves are kept by the Mobe family in Badagry and are available for tourists to sight and handle.

Interestingly, Badagry also has the spot where Christianity was first preached in Nigeria.  It has the first storey building in Nigeria, built in 1845 and still standing.

Badagry is in Lagos State of Nigeria.

10. Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock served as a nature-given refuge for early settlers in Abeokuta against enemies.  The features of the rock which prepared it as a refuge are amazing. A number of caves are designed to serve as rooms, halls and bunkers while the top serves as a point from where enemy advance could be monitored.

Olumo rock now boasts of a museum, restaurants, water fountain and an elevator to make a visit pleasurable.

The rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria.

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